Martin Kendzora

FORTY-EIGHT years is a very long time. To work at a job for that length of period is impressive. Doing so in the capacity as a police chief is truly remarkable.

Martin Kendzora is that special individual. He announced at Monday’s St. Clairsville City Council meeting that he was retiring as the community’s police chief come at month’s end.

To be employed in that position for that long, two things have to be in order: You must be doing a good job and you must enjoy what you are doing.

Kendzora is one name synonymous with St. Clairsville, the other being Mayor Robert Vincenzo. That is status well-deserved.

Serving as a police chief is a high-profile position, one which brings with it much responsibility and stress. He has handled both with class and fairness in his five decades in leading the St. C. police force,

He was appointed chief in 1975, following the retirement of Chief Thomas Minder. Kendzora said when he assumed the post his goal was to live up to the standards set by Minder.

It is safe to say that Kendzora was more than up to the task. He has scripted a career in law enforcement that is a model of integrity.

Kendzora’s announcement at the council session triggered a tidal wave of praise from city officials.

Mayor Vincenzo may have said it best when he offered, “I can’t say I have more respect for one individual than I’ve had for Chief Kendzora.”

Police chief can prove a thankless job. The citizens of St. Clairsville, however, should be very thankful they had a man of Martin Kendzora’s caliber as their chief for 48 years.