Relay for Life

WALKING IS in vogue. Its health values are immeasurable.

Walking takes on added significance this weekend in Belmont County, as St. Clairsville will play host to the annual Relay for Life. A week earlier, the Harrison County Relay for Life played out successfully.

The events are staged to bring an awareness to the never-ending fight against cancer while raising funds in the process.

This year’s theme is “Hoedown for Hope.”

For those battling cancer, Relay for Life serves as a harbinger of hope.

Activities get under way Friday and continue through Saturday morning.

Relay for Life offers more than walking. Activities of all varieties will be featured. Some of the events include survivor’s walk, luminaria ceremony, auctions and fight-back ceremony.

Food will be abundant, tasty and affordable.

Also in abundance will be a sense of unity and conviction against America’s most dreaded and relentless disease. Cancer knows no bounds and plays no favorites. It is heartless and can strike anyone without warning.

That is why Relay for Life is so vital. It brings people more in tune with the disease.

The fight against cancer is making measurable gains. In 2005, there were 8 million cancer survivors. Today, that number has grown to nearly 14 million. Such gains are a heart-warming statistic.

You cannot put a price tag on human life, but the strides being made against cancer are indeed priceless.

Belmont County Relay for Life officials do a tremendous job promoting their event. So much so, they have already exceeded this year’s goal of $57,000, as $66,000 has been pledged.

Thus, they have raised the bar to $100,000 in honor of the American Cancer Society’s 100th birthday! Last year’s relay generated $55,000.

We praise all those who are involved in staging Relays for Life. Your work and passion saves lives.

We also urge those who have the ability to walk, to do so; and to those with the resources to donate, please dig deep. Your sacrifices may come back to save someone you love.

Relay for Life