Fireworks Safety

OUR NATION’S birthday is once again on our doorstep. Thursday will see America turn 237.

The Fourth of July — or its formal name of Independence Day — is a time of celebration, fun and relaxation. It is a day that all Americans should feel a deep sense of pride while patriotism should be flying high.

The Fourth of July is a day when family and friends come together for food, camaraderie and fireworks. What would July 4th be without fireworks?

The Ohio Valley is home to a host of fireworks displays. They are listed on our website as well as in Sunday’s edition.

Everyone loves a good fireworks show. Unfortunately, fireworks are often times set off by individuals not equipped to perform such a dangerous task. Picnics and cookouts that day are frequently accompanied by fireworks.

Such explosives in untrained hands can lead to injuries of varying degree, or even worse. Fireworks in the wrong hands can yield harm to all body parts, with burns being the most commonplace.

Almost half of the fireworks-related injuries across the nation involve individuals age 20 or under, lending credence that professionals should be the ones in charge of detonation.

Individuals can buy fireworks in Ohio on the premise they will take the fireworks out of state within a 48-hour period. Purchasers must agree to such terms in written fashion.

It is also illegal to discharge the fireworks in Ohio. First-time offenders can be fined and face jail time.

Public fireworks shows will be offered throughout the valley starting Wednesday and continuing through the weekend. We recommend letting the professionals put the shows on, keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

The Fourth of July is a day for celebration, not tragedy.