Crime Watch

SOMETIMES A good idea doesn’t always meet with proper response. It may take some time for those involved to realize a second take is needed.

So it is in the bi-county community of Yorkville.

The village police department, under the direction of Chief John Morelli, is launching an effort to establish a Neighborhood Watch program. It is a concept other local communities have adopted. In these times of increased criminal activity, it is a venture that makes a great deal of sense.

As worthwhile a program it is, it is one that failed to be embraced by Yorkville residents some eight years ago. Morelli was in his early stages of being chief and a crime watch proposal failed to secure support.

But fear is a great motivator.

Yorkville has been victimized lately by a spike in break-ins, vandalism and reported drug problems. When Morelli and other village officials floated the idea again, it met with a much more receptive audience.

All local police departments are strapped with manpower shortages. Yorkville is no different. The village police cannot provide blanket 24/7 protection. No Eastern Ohio police department can.

So who better to protect their village than the residents themselves?

Residents just need to take stock of activity in their neighborhood. Watching for and subsequently reporting suspicious activity or strange vehicles or pedestrians can prove invaluable. Keeping the police in the loop on anything out of the norm can stop a crime before it happens.

We commend Morelli and Yorkville officials for bringing back a sensible idea. We also urge village residents to buy into it, as the house they save may be their own.

For more information about the Neighborhood Watch, call the Yorkville Police Department at 740-859-2947.