Improving Bellaire

A MAN with a plan. That would be Bellaire village administrator Dan Marling.

Since assuming that post, Marling has made major strides in improving the All-American Town. One being getting more townspeople on the same page, working for the common good. In Bellaire, that is no easy task.

Marling is far from resting on his laurels. He is setting his sights on a bigger and brighter future for Bellaire. He wants to “get the village of Bellaire back on the right track.”

His mode of thinking is a breath of fresh air and one we hope pays positive dividends.

Marling has developed a game plan which includes areas that need attention, prioritizing them and finding ways in which to fund them. Obviously, the funding portion will be the most challenging and most important.

The administrator’s big picture is developing a five-year strategic plan. If it comes to fruition it will take aim at a gamut of needed repairs and improvements.

Heading the list is storm water drainage improvements necessitated by the state’s Environmental Protection Agency that the village already agreed to fix earlier this year.

Marling’s undertaking is an ambitious one.

Bellaire is in need of many upgrades. Water plant issues, the need for new business district sidewalks, street lighting and demolition of dilapidated structures are just a few of the many areas for improving Bellaire.

Money is needed to help make the improvements happen. Unfortunately, it is not a resource in ample supply in the village coffers.

To that end, Marling said he will be relentless in working to get grant applications out and approved. Any grant funding would help the cause.

Marling has done many good things in his short time as village administrator. We commend him for putting forth an impressive agenda for improving Bellaire. We encourage village officials and residents to get on the bandwagon and support the cause.