Recycyling at Work

THE CITY of Martins Ferry and JB Green Team are joining hands to launch an experimental program. Should it prove successful, it is an undertaking that harbors countless dividends.

Ferry is poised to become the first community in Belmont County to launch curbside recycling. The city’s first ward is the test site.

JB Green Team is passionate when it comes to recycling. It is facilitating the Martins Ferry initiative by purchasing 400 recyclable 65-gallon containers. Moreover, the Green Team is supplying the truck that picks the items up and it will be supplying the fuel and paying the employees.

Martins Ferry has no financial obligations in the venture. It is a project embraced by Martins Ferry Mayor Paul Riethmiller, and rightly so.

“I want our city to go green. I want our city to recycle,” Riethmiller said. “We’re going to do this for one year in that test market area in Martins Ferry, and if it is successful, then we’re going to implement it city-wide.”

We see no downsides to this pilot program, scheduled to start in the coming months. The big key is for Ferry residents to be active participants.

Riethmiller is looking for 400 people to take part. We encourage residents to make that happen, as it could spawn a successful partnership between the city and JB Green Team.

Riethmiller said he volunteered Martins Ferry for this program because he saw the advantages in the plan. He noted JB Green Team released an estimate that 50 percent of daily trash is recyclable material. Subsequently, that means the city must take much less to the landfill, yielding cost savings to Martins Ferry.

JB Green Team and Mayor Riethmiller should be commended for being proactive in Eastern Ohio recycling efforts.

JB Green Team is exhibiting great financial generosity to make this project become a reality while Martins Ferry is wise enough to take advantage of a green opportunity.