Advanced Learning

EDUCATION IS the key to a brighter future. Communication and the sharing of ideas help facilitate that academic process.

When you bring 800 teachers and others in the education field together, it has to yield positive results. Such was the case Monday, Aug. 19.

That is the day Bridgeport schools hosted a county-wide in-service program. It marked the second successive year Bridgeport has been cast in that role.

By all reports, the educational think tank proved a major success.

Bridgeport led the way that day with nine presenters.

Hall Davidson was the featured speaker for the training session. Davidson joined Discovery Education in 2005. In that capacity he blogs, creates webinars, and works in educational partnerships and Global Learning Initiatives as a director of the Discovery Educator Network.

He has spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world. Hall’s attendance and subsequent presentation was a major kudo for seminar organizers.

While being the highlight of the day, Hall was just one of many speakers who delivered useful information that could pay big dividends in the classroom.

This year’s in-service program was extended to an entire day and was mandatory for Belmont County teachers to attend. We believe such an in-service program is an invaluable tool to enhance the learning process.

We commend Bridgeport school officials for their preparation and presentations and we stress to the Belmont County educational powers-to-be to continue such a worthwhile event.