Fair Time

IT’S FAIR time in Belmont County, and that means a special time is being made available to all.

The Belmont County Fair officially opens Wednesday at noon. Activities, however, have been going on since Monday.

The fair, whose roots trace all the way back to 1849, will run through Sunday. It will be a time of fun and frivolity at the 4-year-old fairgrounds on Roscoe Road.

The new venue has ushered in a re-energized sense of energy and excitement to the fair. The expanded space has yielded expanded activities for one of late summer’s most awaited events.

The “new” fair continues to build, tweak and add as the new site continues its maturation process.

This year’s event marks the final one for Jerry?Campbell in an official capacity. He is retiring as?Belmont County?Fair Board president. During his tenure, the fair has enjoyed great growth.

County fairs are synonymous with animals, and the good news is the new venue makes livestock viewing much more visitor friendly.

The entertainment lineup is once again exceptional as well as wide ranging. The same can be said for the food and refreshments being served up.

The Roscoe Road venue has provided the opportunity to add new activities such as motocross to the fair. It met with resounding success.

And what would a fair be if not for the involvement of youths?

The Junior Fair attracts some 500 young participants in a myriad of activities, including the livestock sale, dairy products sale and the annual fair square dance.

We invite everyone to visit the Belmont County Fair this week, supporting the hard work of countless individuals while also treating themselves to a most entertaining time.