Water Works

DAN MARLING is a man with a plan. In fact, he has several plans.

Marling has been Bellaire’s village administrator for less than a year. But during that short time, he has made a positive impact in the All-American Town.

Marling, however, is just scratching the surface on his game plan to improve the village. At Thursday’s council meeting, he unveiled his strategic plan for the water department.

It is an ambitious one, but one that is needed and will prove beneficial to the village and its water customers.

Marling spelled out a six-priority strategy for improving the water department and its distribution capabilities.

But prior to launching the plan, Marling notes some iron work needs to be replaced from the water plant at a cost of $18,000. He hopes to have that completed by December.

That will set the stage for the six phases.

Marling’s plan, in order, calls for: 1. The Rock Hill water project: 2, The replacement of one of the three high service water pumps and check valves at the village’s water plant; 3, Replacing and upgrading the water distribution lines and valves in the village; 4. Replacing the roof and soffit fascia at the water plant at the cost of $100,000; 5. Flushing and a replacement program for the village’s fire hydrants; 6. Marling wants to get a plan in place so that the water plant vehicle can be replaced on a consistent basis, without having to scramble at the last minute for additional funding to do so.

Marling’s agenda is comprehensive and would result in a more efficient water system for Bellaire. Obviously, available funding will play a major role in the plan coming to fruition.

Water is only one part of Marling’s improvement package. He is now formulating plans for the street and sanitation departments.

Marling has an ambitious agenda for improving Bellaire. While all of his ideas may not become reality, he should be commended for pouring passion and energy into his efforts for a better town.