Not too early

IN LESS than a month, all the campaign rhetoric will go silent.

Ohio voters go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5. There may be no presidential or gubernatorial marquee contests on the ballot, but that does not lesson its importance.

This is a grassroots election as local races and issues abound. It is the meat and potatoes of our election process.

Municipal races are featured in many local communities. Mayors and council members will be chosen to guide their respective towns.

As is the case with any election, funding requests dot the ballot. Several local school districts are seeking approval of levies. Schools are the foundation of our communities, and some districts are in dire financial straits.

One issue which is drawing county-wide support is the Belmont County Library District levy. Should it pass, a host of local libraries will be able to restore many of the services that previous funding cuts eroded.

In a related school district note, many are electing board of education members. The outcome of those contests are critical to the operations and future of the respective districts.

While the election is some three weeks away, it is not too soon to cast your ballot. Early voting has become more and more popular and is already in progress. It affords convenience for the voter while aiding the election officials.

Voters can also cast their ballot at election board offices.

As has been demonstrated many times in recent years right here in this area, a handful of votes — even one vote — can make all the differences in any race. So whether you do it early or on Nov. 5, please vote in this election.