Think Pink

THE COLOR pink is in vogue this month. It can be spotted nearly everywhere, including the socks of football players.

Pink and October are forever linked in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer will affect some 200,000 women this year. Of that number, 40,000 will die. Those stats are very sobering to say the least.

It is the most common cancer among women, accounting for nearly one of every three cancers diagnosed in American women, according to American Cancer Society statistics.

The battle against breast cancer is staged yearlong, but comes to the forefront this month. Activities and events can be found throughout the Ohio Valley to make women more aware of the importance of prevention and early detection.

If detected and treated promptly, the odds of beating breast cancer rise dramatically. Early detection and proper treatment can yield nearly a 100 percent five-year survival rate.

All women should realize the threat of breast cancer, as it can strike at any age. Statistics reveal that a woman living in this country has a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime.

Women can take steps to swing the odds in their favor.

The American Cancer Society recommends women over 20 years of age perform breast self-examinations every month; women between 20-39 have a clinical breast exam every three years; and women over 40 have a clinical breast exam and mammogram every year.

Mammograms are a proven tool in the cancer crusade. Self-examinations are another effective method to detect breast cancer.

More people are surviving cancer than ever before.

We urge all women to take the proper steps in beating the odds of breast cancer.