Education Week

MONDAY KICKS off American Education Week, an annual observance bringing into focus one of the most important investments in our future.

Each year in November, events are planned nationwide in recognition of those who work in the field of education. This observance not only highlights teachers, but also everyone from school administrators, aides, school board members, bus drivers, cooks, volunteers and everyone else who plays a role in making the process work.

And of course, the most important role in American Education Week is played by students.

The observance gives students a chance to better understand how the system works in their school districts. It also gives them an opportunity to thank the educators and other people who work every day to help them learn.

It’s good for students to become involved in the education system and develop a better understanding of how it works.

It is also beneficial to give thanks to those who work hard every day to education our students. Helping students succeed and receiving their appreciation can help make a career in education very rewarding work.

Helping students grow and learn is an investment in their future, in the local community’s future and the future of America.

Local schools will joining school districts across the nation this week to hold their own special events in conjunction with American Education Week. A number of activities highlighting education week have been planned to take place between regular class work in many schools.

The National Education Association, the American Legion and other national organizations have spearheaded efforts to have activities in schools highlight the special week in honor of education in America.

We salute the local people who help educate our children, and we encourage the community to take time and show their appreciation as well during American Education Week.