Choose Wisely

IT IS nice to have options.

The Belmont County Democrat Central Committee has at least five of them when it meets Thursday night to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Commissioner Chuck Probst.

Probst is one of the aspirants to fill that slot. He retired from the commission effective Nov. 30 so that he could collect full benefits under the state Public Employees Retirement System before laws change at year’s end that reduce what he would receive, according to Democrat Party Chair Gordie Longshaw.

The Democratic committee will have two other former commissioners to consider. Mark Thomas and Mike Bianconi also have expressed their interest in succeeding Probst.

Also tossing their hats into the ring are retired businessman John Mattox of Flushing and Pultney Township Trustee Frank Shaffer. Both are well known in their sections of the county.

There possibly may be more nominations come deadline time.

All of the aforementioned five are solid individuals who have distinguished themselves in the public sector in varying degrees. We believe none of the quintet would do an injustice to the position should they gain appointment.

The reasons for Probst’s resignation have been well chronicled. Bianconi had similar issues as a township trustee. The Democrat Central Committee members will decide if such decisions impact their vote.

Committee members will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday at Belmont College to select a commissioner to fill out the term which extends through 2014. We challenge committee members to do their homework, cast personal agendas aside and vote for the individual who can best serve Belmont County.