Saving Lives

BLOOD IS a precious commodity. There is a great need for it throughout the Ohio Valley. This time of year, the shortage is felt even more painfully.

Blood drives are held frequently throughout the area, meeting with mixed results. A fresh approach to drawing blood in Eastern Ohio is being staged in Bridgeport.

Advance America, the Brookside Fire Department and the Bridgeport Police Department are teaming up for the inaugural “Boots vs Badges” Blood Drive.

It will be held on Thursday, from noon until 6 p.m., at the Bridgeport Church of God, 859 National Road, Bridgeport.

To help create some healthy competition between Belmont County police and fire departments, the organizations are asking the community to donate blood, as well as to cast a vote for your favorite responder – “the “Boots” the fire departments – or the “Badges” – the police departments.

The department (police and fire) with the most donors at the end of the day will not only feel a sense of satisfaction in helping save more lives, but will receive a trophy earning them the bragging rights around the Belmont County.

“Boots vs. Badges” is a fun competition which makes the public aware of the need for blood locally. Getting fire and police personnel involved is a smart way to fuel blood drive interest and hopefully donations.

To make an appointment, visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to register.

Although an added incentive should not be needed, one is being offered.

The first 100 donors will receive a free t-shirt. For information, call: Advance America, 740-633-5132; Bridgeport Police Department, 740-635-9999; or Brookside Fire Department, 740-635-1997.

We encourage all those capable of donating blood in the “Boots vs Badges” event to do so. What better Christmas gift to give than the gift of life?