Gaining New Life

ST. CLAIRSVILLE residents take great pride in their city, and with good reason. The hilltop community is both scenic and bustling with activity.

Both of those attributes received an additional boost with an announcement this week. It came in the form that a downtown landmark would be receiving a new lease on life.

The Clarendon Hotel is a historical St. Clairsville fixture that has laid dormant for all too long. That may soon be changing. It will mean more business vitality for St. C. while helping the Clarendon regain its luster.

A Louisville, Ohio company is purchasing the hotel. The new owner is one that is dedicated to restoring historic structures to productive use.

That is just what the doctor ordered for the Clarendon. It has sat idle for countless years.

The city purchased the Clarendon in 2001 and began the process of obtaining funds for its repair. A coalition of cooperation allowed the project to move forward.

As a result, the outside of the structure is in grand condition.

But until this week, no tenant or game plan was in place to breathe life back into the venerable building. It appears that in little more than year the Clarendon will be bustling with activity.

The owners plan to construct 12-18 long-term apartments for their new acquisition. With the crunch for local housing due to the oil and gas boom, it sounds like a viable plan.

If all goes as hoped, the reborn Clarendon will be up and running in June of 2015.

Should those plans become reality — as we fully expect them to — it will be the exclamation point of years of dogged determination and boundless cooperation in restoring a priceless piece of St. Clairsville history.