Golden Program

SENIOR CITIZENS are a special group of people. They are deserving of special treatment.

To that effect, Senior Services of Belmont County and the Ohio Valley Mall are teaming up to promote educational days for the seniors in the county. It is a venture which should provide seniors with more activity in their lives while also delivering them useful information on various topics impacting their lives.

Barb Ballint, program administrator, noted, “We are looking at having various presenters to offer seminars that are educational in some way. This could include health education, information on insurance, housing, recreation and even entertainment. Our goal is to provide our seniors an opportunity to learn and gather information on topics that affect them in their daily lives.”

Such a program is ideal for senior citizens.

It will bring them into the loop on all types of pertinent issues. Educational days will also enable senior citizens to experience a more social setting.

The first Education Day will be held Feb. 4. Seniors will be given an overview of what services are available in Belmont County. After the seminar, seniors will be able to enjoy the afternoon at the mall. Seniors Services of Belmont County are also working with the vendors at the mall to offer various incentive or discounts on this day to seniors attending the education seminar.

Education Days have the potential to be a valuable tool in creating a much more fun-filled and productive lifestyle for our Belmont County senior citizens.

We commend Senior Services and mall officials for making a golden move for those in their golden years.