Moving Forward

COOLER HEADS have prevailed, and Belmont County appears poised to be the big winner.

The Mall Road dispute has festered much too long. Fester no longer.

A tentative agreement was reached late last week which will remove the roadblocks on a project that has massive economic potential.

It is not a done deal yet.

Belmont County commissioners must sign off on the deal. That is likely to happen this week.

A Jan. 24 hearing is scheduled in the case, but that may now be a moot point. With commissioners’ approval, a major economic boon may gain traction.

The project calls for a connector road in the US 40-Ohio Valley Plaza area. The 300-foot roadway would have touched on property owned by Lou Stein Home Pro Enterprises and another family.

Should the project become reality, Belmont County would see major development play out. The road would link up with a roadway and bridge over I-70, being constructed by ODOT. It would connect with Mall Road.

A link between both sides of Interstate 70 offers limitless development options. An already improving county retail base would be primed to elevate to another level.

We urge Belmont County commissioners to give their stamp of approval Wednesday to the newly minted agreement setting much more economic progress into motion.