Take Precaution

THE BIG chill is coming.

Temperatures of dangerous proportions are about to descend upon the Ohio Valley.

The oncoming deep freeze is something the Ohio Valley has not encountered for more than a decade. Day-time highs the next few days may just reach zero while dipping to 10 below at night.

The wind chill may feel like 40 below.

Such a frigid onslaught brings with it many dangers.

With that said, precautions should be taken, especially for the elderly.

To avoid frozen or bursting water pipes, either wrap them or keep a faucet running.

Stock up on food items would be a prudent move. Obviously for those who must go out, a check of your car battery would be wise while keeping the gas tank nearly full may avert fuel-line freeze up.

Checking on neighbors or relatives is encouraged and pet owners must obviously bring in their animals.

The elderly should take even more precaution.

Medicine and medical supplies need to be well-stocked. Are their heating devices safe and working properly? Do they have access to clean drinking water and is their food supply sufficient to last several days? Do they have access to help if the need should arise/is their cell phone sufficiently charged?

Old Man Winter is primed to deal the Ohio Valley a bitter dose of nasty weather. With proper preparation, it doesn’t need to be harmful.