Closer Voting

NORMALCY WILL soon be returning to the voting process in Martins Ferry.

Thanks to an agreement brokered between the Belmont County Board of Elections and the Martins Ferry School District, traveling to the polls will become much easier come November.

Martins Ferry voters had no polling places within city limits during the last election. If they wanted to cast a ballot in person they needed to trek to Colerain.

As might be expected, such a development was not well received within the Purple City. The fault was none of the doing of the board of elections, but rather due to those in control of suitable sites unwilling to allow voting on their premises.

The election board was left in dire straits. The board opted for Colerain as a polling site, rather than send Ferrians all the way to the Carnes Center in St. Clairsville. It was the prudent move.

Ferry residents will have to bite the election bullet just one more time. Spring primary voting will again be housed in Colerain for one final time.

The board and school district have come to agreement on a multi-year accord which will have Ferry voters making the short trip up the hill to the new school campus, where ballots will be cast in Ayers Elementary School, commencing this November.

The site is an ideal one, with close proximity to downtown and ample parking. To make matters less congested and much safer on Election Day, Ferry schools will be staging in-service days.

We commend the board of elections for its determined efforts to locate a suitable place within Martins Ferry city limits. The board was the recipient of unfair criticism over the Colerain situation.

We also praise the Martins Ferry School District for being a good neighbor, enabling for more convenient voters for thousands of city residents.