Extra School Work

TEACHING AND learning doesn’t need to stop at the conclusion of the school day.

In the Harrison Hills School District, much academic advancement is being realized after the final bell rings. That is thanks to the district’s 21st Century After School Tutoring Program.

The goal is to increase academic achievements in math and reading in grades seven through nine. The after school learning program runs Monday through Thursday from 2:05-4:35 p.m., and hosts an average of 30 students on a daily basis in the school library.

The program came to fruition thanks to a five-year grant. It is now in its third year of operation and is drawing positive reviews, from participants and their parents alike.

The students have seen improvements in their grades as well as their social skills. The program also features a Character Counts segment, focusing on character building throughout the school day. In that session, instructors noted that the students are “gelling and learning to express themselves.”

The program also puts Ipads in the students’ hands to participate in the Brainchild program. Harrison Hills’ officials have taken the after-school program to another level. For those in athletics or extra-curricular activities, a later time option is needed.

No problem.

Harrison Hills is offering an evening tutoring session that runs from 5-6:30 p.m., with heavy emphasis on math. The class draws up to nine students on occasion. To attract that many students after practice, speaks volumes to its merit.

The After School Tutoring Program and its evening session afford opportunities to Harrison Hills students to avoid pitfalls in their quest for academic success. Harrison Hills has set a template for student support that other local school districts could utilize.