Hydro Power

A HYDROELECTRIC power plant on the Ohio River in our locale sounds like a worthwhile project.

The project was proposed for the Pike Island Locks and Dam. If it came to fruition, it would have served as an economic boon to Eastern Ohio.

American Municipal Power, however, has opted to put the halt on the idea. AMP officials noted that four other hydroelectric projects are under way, the closest being in St. Marys, W. Va.

With so many other hydro plants in the offing, the need for another at Pike Island was minimized. That is a disappointing turn of events.

The project would have had wide-ranging impact.

The Yorkville-Rayland-Tiltonsville (YTR) area would obviously been a major beneficiary of the hydro plant. However, St. Clairsville, Oberlin and Woodsfield are AMP members and have been linked to hydroelectric projects.

The plant would have generated 256,000 megawatt-hours of renewable power per day for use in AMP participating Ohio municipalities. With power being such a needed commodity, a hydroelectric plant makes a great deal of sense.

AMP, which operates the New Martinsville Hydroelectric Plant at the Hannibal Locks and Dam, hasn’t ruled out a similar plant eventually becoming reality at Pike Island.

We hope such plans do come to fruition, as the benefits would be immeasurable.

The Pike Island Locks and Dam has been in place since 1963 and falls under the auspices of the Army Corps of Engineers. We hope that in the not so distant future the Pike island facility takes on even greater importance.