BDD Excellence

THE BELMONT County Board of Developmental Disabilities carries out its responsibilities with great passion and precision. So much so that it is has been recognized regularly for operating one of the premier programs in Ohio.

Its most recent honor is an impressive one and a well-deserved one. The Belmont County BDD has earned a five-year accreditation award, the highest award bestowed by the state.

The honor is a direct result of the quality support and services it provides to people with disabilities. The recognition did not come easily.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities staged a comprehensive review conducted by the team of surveyors from DODD. The investigators determined that the Belmont County Board achieved substantial compliance with minimum standards and met or exceeded standards in DODD’s areas of excellence, resulting in the five-year accreditation.

The designation is one that only a handful of Ohio’s 88 counties receive. The board drew specific state praise for leadership, strategic planning, strong collaboration and community options.

We view that as comprehensive excellence.

The Belmont County BDD oversees 500 people with developmental disabilities, like autism, Down syndrome and other physical and intellectual disabilities. That is a large clientele with special needs.

Families of those consumers should take great relief knowing their love-ones are receiving the best care possible.

We commend Superintendent Stephen L. Williams, board members Marlin Harper, Cynthia Touvelle, Annette Wiater, Amy Dias, Robert Quirk, Phil Andes and John Rataiczak, as well as all BDD employees for their continuing excellence in a challenging field.