Job Search

GOOD-PAYING jobs are a precious commodity. Ohio Means Jobs is an entity that tries to make such opportunities come to fruition.

Ohio Means Jobs was formerly known as Belmont County Connections. State officials mandated the name change in order to yield more consistent name recognition.

The Martins Ferry-based organization is championing employment opportunities through its eighth annual jobs fair. It will unfold Wednesday from noon to 4 p.m. at the Ohio Valley Mall.

The jobs fair is an ideal vehicle to bring prospective employers and job-seekers together.

More than 100 employers, agencies and training providers have already signed on. More are likely to register.

Jobs include customer service, retail, oil and gas and mining and manufacturing. Other areas include construction and public services.

Last year’s job fair was a success in terms of hirings. This year, even bigger and better things are expected.

With the gas and oil industry beginning to boom and in the process help fuel related businesses, more employment opportunities are becoming available and the job fair is the ideal connecter.

Ohio Means Jobs has seen a spike in customer visits. The job fair will aid their employment quest.

“Ohio Means Jobs is our county employment agency. It works every day to link people with jobs,” said Belmont County Commissioner Ginny Favede, adding that the job fair was an extra effort that benefits the retail and other businesses.

Ohio Means Jobs and the jobs fair are two integral employment generators in Eastern Ohio. We encourage everyone in search of a job, or a better one, to take advantage of their services.