Pease Township

PEASE TOWNSHIP is an entity in the dark. Literally.

The expansive township is struggling with funding shortages, much of which is no fault of its own.

State officials have slashed Local Government Funding drastically. LGF money was the lifeblood of many local communities and townships. When it began to dry up, so did many related services.

Pease Township’s situation grew worse when its voters shot down a levy which would have greatly aided the cause.

As a result, between 150 and 175 street lights were shut off to save money. Streets grew darker in parts of Lansing, Wolfhurst, Sunset Heights, Blaine, Boydsville and Yorkville.

It is an unfortunate situation, but township trustees had no other choice.

Pease Township voters will have a chance to rectify matters this May. The trustees have placed a levy on the primary ballot.

Should it pass, street lights will be switched back on. The levy money will enable township officials to do even more.

Pease Township Trustee Mike Bianconi said money will also be available to tear down some dilapidated homes as well as repairing some roads.

The levy cannot solve all of Pease Township’s problems. Its passage, however, will flip the switch back on for the street lights while also yielding some long overdue improvements.

The ball is in the Pease Township voters’ court. If they want a brighter, cleaner and less bumpy township, they have that opportunity come May 6.