Blessed Easter

AS YOU read this, many of the traditional Easter-related activities have already unfolded.

Church services have been attended by many, either last night or early this morning. Baskets for children of all ages are unwrapped and their countless sweet treasures have been repeatedly attacked. Searches for eggs may have already been staged.

But one thing that should still be clinging to all of us is the spirit of the day.

Easter is like no other day. For those of faith, it is the single-most important day of the year.

According to Scripture, Easter reflects the day Jesus arose from the dead after three days in the tomb. It is the foundation for Christian beliefs worldwide.

All too frequently, Easter is associated with candy, colored eggs, baskets and new outfits. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as the materialistic view of this holy day doesn’t supersede the spiritual meaning.

Easter is a time of faith, family and hope. Churches across the nation are packed with worshippers absent the balance of the calendar year.

Easter symbolizes a rebirth and fresh beginning. The day brings with it a sense of optimism and positive outlook needed in today’s society.

Ohio Valley residents have had to endure some recent tough times.

Good-paying jobs are not available to all those in search of them. Gas prices are beginning to escalate.

Many local residents have loved ones fighting in foreign countries, with many others having lost a family member in conflict.

But today — Easter Sunday — we all possess a brighter and more upbeat view of the world and our place in it.

Today is a day we need to envelope ourselves with family, friends and loved ones.

While we indulge in the sweetness of the day, we also must absorb and retain the spiritual meaning of Easter.