End of Recycling

ALL TOO often good ideas encounter a bad ending.

Such is the case with curbside recycling launched recently in two riverfront communities. Both Martins Ferry and Steubenville were participants in JB Green Team’s ill-fated Curbside Recycling Program.

The recycling effort was launched in October. Unfortunately, that program is now in the dumpster.

It came to an abrupt end for two reasons.

Funding became a constant problem. Secondly, participation was lacking.

The Curbside Recycling Project was not developed as a money-making venture for JB Green Team. Rather, it provided a nice community service for both Martins Ferry and Steubenville

JB Green Team has encountered recent major funding challenges. Consequently, the continuation of the recycling project was not feasible. If the money was there, the recycling would still be operating.

To a lesser degree, however, participation by Martins Ferry’s First Ward residents was disappointing to say the least.

A total of 750 letters were sent to First Ward residents. It was hoped that 400 would take part. Only half of that number opted to seek recycling bins.

The first collection realized 180 bins being collected. That was the high water mark, as the last pickup yielded a mere 88 bins.

It was obvious the interest was not there.

Martins Ferry Paul Riethmiller was a major player in the development of the program. He harbored high hopes for its success.

The curbside recycling was a project which could have mushroomed throughout the city. In the process, it could have been a boon to Martins Ferry.

We share Riethmiller’s disappointment. The cessation of the recycling project is an opportunity lost.