Farming Youth

COUNTY FAIRS are major events in Eastern Ohio. None more so than the one staged annually in Monroe County.

A major portion of those fairs are animals and the youths who help raise them. Monroe County commissioners this week stepped to the plate in impressive financial fashion to advance their fair to another level.

A proposed 4-H exhibit barn on the Monroe County Fairgrounds received a $25,000 boost from the county commissioners. The Monroe County Junior Fair Livestock Sale Committee is planning the new exhibit barn.

The commissioners’ donation is one that will help support a worthwhile project while also possibily galvanizing backing from other entities.

Commissioners hope that its donation will attract additional monetary donations from other entities, specifically the burgeoning oil and gas industry. We echo those sentiments.

The new barn will prove a scenic and practical addition to the fairgrounds, as it will replace an antiquated smaller building. The new barn, once completed, will have “adequate space to properly house animals and increased ventilation for improved health and comfort of livestock as well as exhibitors.”

It also will also have wider aisles and walkways that will provide a safer environment for spectators to view the livestock displays.

More than 600 Monroe County 4-H youths deliver exhibits and/or animals to the fair each year. In addition, the county has 24 4-H clubs served by 125 4-H volunteers.

Those numbers speak volumes about the importance the fair has in the workings of Monroe County. A new exhibit barn will go a long way in making the fair a more enjoyable and safer event.

We commend the commissioners on their generous donation and challenge others to follow suit.