Safe Proms

PROM SEASON is in full bloom in the Ohio Valley.

It is a time that yields much joy and happiness to high school students and their families. It is also a festive time which can quickly spawn heartache if precautions are not mapped out and subsequently followed.

Planning for the gala affairs have been weeks in the making. Shopping for gowns, tuxedos and accessories are both time consuming while also being a source of fun.

Hair and nail appointments are part of the pageantry. And what would a prom be without flowers?

It all adds up for a lifetime full of memories.

Those memories can turn tragic if alcohol or other drugs enter the picture.

Teenagers and parents alike must realize that alcohol and drugs can only dampen the occasion, not enhance it. Using either or getting into a vehicle driven by someone under the influence is courting disaster.

Teens must understand one bad decision can tragically alter the occasion, and drugs and alcohol will obviously impair the ability to make the proper choices. Moreover, prom-goers must realize alcohol and drugs are not needed to enjoy such a special event.

Parents are also a part of the safety equation.

A pre-prom talk with their son or daughter and their date can go a long way in ensuring a night void of problems.

Mom and dad should feel comfortable with their child’s date while also imposing a curfew. Parents must be available during the prom should their child need them for any reason. Teens also must know their parents are just a call away if need be.

School officials also bear responsibility for prom safety. Chaperones must understand their respective duties and be willing to carry them out.

Proms are one of the special moments in a high school student’s life.

But to be truly special, they must also be totally safe.