Dangerous Duty

LOCAL POLICE departments and the Belmont County Drug Task Force have been quite busy removing drugs, those who manufacture them and those who traffic them off of the streets.

This is not an easy task for the agents and officers involved.

According to Drug Task Force Commander John McFarland, the raid of a house on Third Avenue in Bellaire Friday morning was the result of an investigation that took months. That bust resulted in the disposal on nine separate meth labs.

The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office was called in dispose of them.

Meth is a toxic and dangerous drug. Its ingredients consist of household cleaners and other items that are not meant to be ingested.

The most popular way to make meth is using the one-pot meth, which is where the meth is made in a bottle. This is a very low-maintenance method that could lead to disastrous results.

Bellaire Police Chief Mike Kovalyk stated, “I didn’t realize how volatile the materials were.” He said he feels fortunate that he wasn’t injured while transporting the materials and said the village building was closed for the day due to a power outage. He noted the materials were placed in a secure location.

The components of meth are hazardous and the disposal is just as dangerous.

The officers, agencies and task forces that choose to handle these situations and willingly go into a house or building where a meth lab is present deserve our utmost respect. They are a dedicated group with one goal in mind – to take drugs and those who opt to handle them off the streets.