Heavy Metal Has Heart

HEAVY METAL often gets a bad rap.

Whether it is due to lyrical content, loud music or guttural vocals, the genre is definitely not one of the more popular types of music among average listeners.

However, the types of individuals who play heavy metal are often misjudged. Frequently, they are some of the kindest and caring people you will ever meet.

Heavy metal lyrics are typically rooted in themes of anecdotal struggle and individual perseverance, and those who identify with these themes are often the same people who are the first ones to jump in and lend a hand when things are not going so favorably.

This is precisely what happened on Friday, May 23 when several local metal bands stood up as a voice for the voiceless.

Metal for Mutts took place on that night at Freno’s Bar in Neffs – a benefit show in which all the proceeds were donated to Belmont County Animal Shelter. Instead of charging a monetary door fee as is customary with many local music events, those attending were asked to bring in items which the shelter needs most – dog and cat food, litter, collars, cleaning supplies, etc.

When all was said and done, the show managed to collect more $500 for fencing and another $300 for supplies needed at the shelter. Those who organized the event will use the supply money to buy more items for the animals.

The show was so successful that the group that began organizing the event has taken it a step further. Metal for Mutts is now a Facebook page designed to promote awareness of local animals, and it will hopefully be able to raise a lot more money for local shelters and organizations.

Future benefit shows may even be in the works.

Metal heads have shown they have big hearts, and as long as there is a problem, there will always be individuals willing to stand up and help out in whatever way they can.

Please visit www.facebook. com/metalformutts2014 for more information.