Hydro Plant

A LOCAL hydroelectric power plant project is not dead in the water.

A proposed plant for the Pike Island Lock and Dam Facility, located on the Ohio River just north of Yorkville, may in fact become a reality.

The new-found optimism for the proposed plant came to fruition last month when Pike Island Energy, LLC, filed a project operations compliance report with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for a study to determine the feasibility of building a hydroelectric plant at Pike Island.

Should the FERC issue the permit it gives Pike Island Energy the exclusive rights to pursue a hydroelectric power plant. Should Pike Island Energy deem the project feasible after doing its homework, it could then apply to build it.

The benefits of such a venture are immeasurable. The Ohio Valley economy would receive a sizable jolt while the local jobs market would be the recipient of a nice shot-in-the-arm. It would also generate countless megawatt-hours of renewable power per day.

The plant’s economic boon would be felt throughout the Ohio Valley.

Similar projects have been proposed for the Hannibal Locks and Dam and well as the city of Wooster in northeastern Ohio, but have never held water. It would be a landmark achievement for our area to land such a project.

Input from local residents may help push the project forward. The permit and licensing process also allows for opportunities for stakeholders and citizens to voice input. Comments concerning the pending application can be sent to: Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First St. NE, Washington, D.C. 20426.

We encourage local residents to go to bat for the hydroelectric project. The plant would be a nice feather in Eastern Ohio’s cap while yielding no turbulent effects.