Quality Service

ALL OF us in our lifetimes will likely need the services of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Ohioans, especially here in Eastern Ohio, should feel good knowing that BMVs in the Buckeye State are the highest rated in the nation when it comes to customer satisfaction. That is no small achievement.

In a 10-month survey that reached more than 21,600 BMV customers for 2013, Ohio received a 97.83 percent customer service satisfaction rating. Ohio BMVs also have the fourth-shortest wait time in the nation.

Second place for customer satisfaction went to Illinois, with Indiana following in third. The worst ranked states were Connecticut, Oregon and South Carolina.

The survey also revealed that office accessibility has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, along with hours of operation.

Ohio’s lofty BMV status must be a combination of deft leadership, quality teamwork and professional pride.

Local agencies in Belmont County came up big in the satisfaction ratings. Barnesville checked in at 99.40, Bridgeport at 98.53 and St. Clairsville at 97.77 percent. Harrison County’s BMV in Cadiz received a 98.87 percent satisfaction rating.

Those are impressive numbers and reflect the quality work force we have here in the Ohio Valley.

Ohio BMVs are in the process of several new upgrades, including switching out antiquated phone systems.

In addition, work is underway to launch a pilot for several self-service kiosks. They will be designed to work like ATMs to deliver vehicle registration renewal stickers. This will allow some kiosks to offer customer service 24/7.

Those upgrades will yield even more efficiency.

We commend all those involved with Ohio BMVs for delivering such a quality operation.