Reverse 911

YOU CANNOT place enough emphasis on safety. To its credit, Harrison County is taking a major step forward in that regard.

A Reverse 911 system is being implemented in the county. A Reverse 911 allows police and fire departments to phone homes and businesses that are at risk during an emergency.

Such a system is priceless when it comes to upgrading security.

Work has commenced on the project and it is likely to be in operation by month’s end. The system has wide wide-ranging capabilities and it is not limited to just the safety forces. Schools, oil and gas companies as well as businesses can utilize the Reverse 911. With the burgeoning oil and gas industry in Eastern Ohio experiencing much growth, a Reverse 911 may prove invaluable.

The system will be available to alert specific geographic areas in the county for any emergency. With such as expansive county as Harrison County, such a feature can prove a lifesaver.

Anyone wanting to join the system can also opt-in via a simple online interface to identify their alternative contact methods, including work phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses.

Sheriff Ronald J. Myers noted the urgency of signing up for the Reverse 911 system and asked that anyone wishing to opt-in or register their number and location can call the non-emergency contact number.

The Reverse 911 system has proven effective throughout the country. Unfortunately, not all entities take advantage of such a safety feature.

We commend Harrison County for putting it into operation as it can only prove a valuable safety tool for all those living or working in the county.