Safe Summer

CLASSES ARE out for most Ohio Valley schools. Summer recess is a time of year embraced by students and teachers alike.

The next three months offer a myriad of enjoyable outdoor activities for young and old. The summer season also presents a host of safety concerns, which can turn fun into unecessary pain, injury or tragedy.

Summer is synonymous with water and hot weather.

Be it pools, ponds or lakes, swimming is at the forefront of summer activties.

These water safety tips should be followed:

  • Children should always be supervised;
  • Flotation devices and inflatable toys are helpful;
  • Learn how to swim;
  • Learn CPR;
  • Never swim where there may be hidden hazards.
  • Never dive into any water unless you are sure of its depth.
  • Wear a life jacket when appropriate.

The summer heat can also pose health risks. Precaution from hot humid weather is needed to avoid dehydration or even worse — heat stroke — as well as painful sunburns.

Drinking fluids, especially water, on a consistent basis is wise. Avoiding extended periods in the searing heat is advised while wearing light-colored clothing can also be heat deterrent.

Suncreen, meanwhile, can go a long way to avoid feeling the sun’s wrath on your skin.

Summer health dangers are not limited to just heat and water.

The cessation of school means youth activity on local roads and streets will quickly mushroom. We urge motorists to keep a keen eye on the possible darting into traffic by youngsters.

Summer is a time meant for fun in the sun. Taking the proper precautions can make that happen.