Women’s Health

NATIONAL WOMEN’S Health Week is now underway across the nation.

Working on a great fitness, healthy eating and a regular medical routine is what this special week is all about and which will help to empower women to give their all to themselves and those that they hold dear to their hearts. Being a woman means taking care of yourself, so you have what it takes to take care of your family.

Busy women have many things that they must juggle on their plates on a daily basis. Exercise may not always seem to be on the top of the list, but this essential element is the burst of energy that women need to keep up the pace of their hectic daily lifestyles. Whether it be a brisk walk or jog…..working out with a weight routine…..gardening……or using machines (or modified methods) to pump it up, women will build muscle, stamina and strength that they need to take their energy level to a new plateau of being happy and healthy.

Climbing up a healthy food pyramid is a special way for women to give themselves and their families on a daily dose of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and fiber. This fix of tasty and fun foods are chock full of pure goodness and packed with vitamins and minerals direct from Mother Nature. Many wonderful recipes and tantalizing treats are offered on a daily basis in the newspaper, magazines and online. Make the best of healthy eating by introducing delicious new dishes and snacks that add up to totally new taste temptations that will be a welcomed addition to a breakfast, lunch and dinner table.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it is absolutely essential to make regularly scheduled appointments to keep healthy in all aspects. Whether it be a primary physician, gynecologist, specialist, dentist, optometrist or podiatrist, keeping a good relationship with your doctor is a medically sound way to stay on top of your health and avoid problems that could occur in a woman’s battle to maintain good health from her teens to golden years. Precaution is worth its weight in gold, and skilled doctors and lab technicians, boosted by new marvels in medical technology, are all essential elements in the fight against a multitude of diseases that women of all ages must do battle against every year of their lives.

Relaxation…….take a moment to breathe and enjoy the flowers! However you choose to relax is up to you. A welcoming bath…..a hobby…..a day out with friends/family……it all adds up to precious moments that help to erase the stress and add precious moments to your life.

Being a woman is special. National Women’s Health Week is reaching out to women of all ages to encourage them to do something special for themselves to help ensure a happy and healthier way of life. Life is precious….enjoy it….prolong it and live it to your fullest!