Healthy Setting

TOWN HALL meetings serve a useful purpose. It is communication in its most purest of forms.

The city of Martins Ferry makes the most of such opportunities. The Purple City holds such forums on a frequent basis.

Monday night was more of the same. State Rep. Jack Cera was the featured guest at another Ferry town hall session.

The Bellaire Democrat attracted a strong turnout. That is not surprising as Ferrians are receptive to the sessions and Cera has been a legislator who has been a vocal and passionate supporter of Eastern Ohio.

Cera broached several current topics Monday. He brought those in attendance up to speed on such topics as the state’s budget, severance tax and House Bill 586, which would address new EPA carbon rules and give the state more flexibility in meeting the requirements and to protect jobs and the coal industry.

Much of what Cera had to report was sobering. The $61 billion budget fails to restore funding to local governments and to school districts.

He added the severance tax will prove of little help to our area. Cera also noted the EPA regulations yield future power concerns.

Regardless of the message, Cera brought his constituents into the loop. There is no wiggle room for misunderstanding.

Guests were also given the opportunity to toss questions Cera’s way, ensuring no item of interest goes untouched.

Martins Ferry officials are already setting the state for another town hall event. This one, if planning comes to fruition, will feature State Sen. Lou Gentile, D-Steubenville.

We commend Martins Ferry officials for realizing the importance of town halls, as they provide a personal setting with everyone leaving on the same page.