School Reprieve

THE SWITZERLAND of Ohio Board of Education made a long-awaited and highly anticipated decision Wednesday night.

Board of education members opted to keep Beallsville High School open for the coming academic year.

The board made the correct decision, albeit extremely late in the game.

The district is mired in major financial issues. The board of education has executed many cutbacks in order to ease the debt.

Staffing and curriculum cutbacks have been implemented and the district’s athletic forum has also felt a heavy brunt of the reductions.

A levy to greatly help the situation was shot down last year by voters. A new superintendent is now in place, attempting to right the district’s ship.

Unfortunately, the board of education kept Beallsville High School twisting in the wind until this past week. The Blue Devil Nation was hearing frequent rumors that its high school was going to be closed immediately.

Such a move at this time of year would have been quite unfair to all those attending or working at the school.

Not knowing where you would be in a few short months can be very disturbing.

The community of Beallsville embraces its schools. Shutting the high school down would do irreparable damage to the village.

Fortunately, that is not the case for at least one more year.

We commend the board for opting to keep Beallsville High?School open. We encourage the board of education, however, to do everything in its power to ensure Beallsville High School is not cast in a similar position each year.

The school is a major entity within the school district and a hub of the Beallsville community.