The Bright Way

MAKING A difference. It is a notable way to go through life.

The Brightway Center personifies it.

The Rayland-based facility is a non-profit Christian organization that offers a variety of positive features, including Youth Group, learning programs, faith-based programs, violence and bullying prevention workshops and health and wellness fairs among other things.

The Brightway Center focuses on activities that will point youths in the right direction. The staff instills values that serve as the solid foundation for what life has to offer.

The center has joined hands with Tyler’s Light. It is a drug addiction awareness campaign, educating children early on about the perils of drugs.

Along those same lines, Brightway offers a Teen Ethical Standards Training (TEST) workshop. It is open to boys and girls 14-18.

Designed to help teens with challenges like peer pressure, unhealthy relationships, drugs and alcohol experimentation, TEST is presented by Brightway’s governing board and staff along with sponsoring partners such as the Jefferson County Prevention and Recovery Board.

Six local schools have made use of the TEST program. We expect more to follow suit.

The center is not resting on its success. Brightway officials are working on a multi-sports center and also hope to add a campgrounds.

Kara Bright was a teacher and legendary prep coach. He is the founder of Brightway Center.

Bright was a man who took pride in molding youths. We believe he would be proud that the Brightway Center is carrying on his ideals.