Campaign Season

LABOR DAY is the traditional campaign starting date for November elections.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich advanced that to late July. Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor paid a visit to Jefferson County Tuesday.

In the process, the stat’s gubernatorial GOP ticket gained the endorsement of the Ohio Restaurant Association. The group boasts some clout with 21,000 members while Buckeye State restaurants employ more than a half million people.

Kasich is hanging his re-election hat on the state’s economy as well as job creation.

The restaurant industry is supportive of Kasich for his slashing of taxes by more than $3 billion.

Moreover, when he took office, the state was down 350,000 jobs and now is up 260,000 jobs while the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.5 percent.

The oil and gas industry will only enhance those numbers.

One stumbling block Kasich faces in Eastern Ohio will be the closing of Ormet. The plant’s employees take issue with the governor’s failure to champion Ormet’s cause.

Kasich and Taylor are being challenged on the Nov. 4 ballot by Democrat Ed FitzGerald, the county executive of Cuyahoga County, and his running mate, Sharen Neuhardt, a Dayton-area attorney.

Fitzgerald, himself, has made some forays in the Ohio Valley.

Such political treks will continue to escalate all too soon.

So much for Labor Day, the campaigning season is underway.