Useful Training

OPIATE ABUSE is an increasing problem nationwide. The Ohio Valley is not immune from the dangerous issue.

Local officials are being proactive in their quest to quell the opiate challenge.

A host of our judicial, law enforcement and treatment service representatives traveled to Columbus recently. The junket to the state capital was a a fact-finding mission.

The local delegation embarked on the trip to learn about promising judicial practices and options for opiate addition treatment, including medication-assisted treatment, at the Ohio Judicial Symposium on Opiate Addition.

Not all of Ohio’s counties took part in the useful event. Belmont County did take advantage of that opportunity.

The symposium was under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addition Services, the Governor’s Cabinet Opiate Action Team and Office of Criminal Justice Services.

The gathering attracted Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, which speaks volumes of the symposium’s importance. All three were committed to cleaning up the growing problem.

The event enabled the Belmont County delegation to glean knowledge and planning strategies with experts in the field.

We commend our local officials for being proactive in dealing with opiate abuse and the judicial and clinical interventions services.