Changing Lives

SUBSTANCE ABUSE is an ugly problem. It is also one not easy to defeat.

The Ohio Valley is not isolated from the drug problem. Rather, it is an escalating challenge to deal with.

That is why Crossroads Counseling Services is a vital entity in dealing with individuals battling substance abuse. The St. Clairsville-based organization is making a positive difference in that realm.

Crossroads makes available a host of helpful options to those in need of treatment of substance abuse and related disorders. They include driver intervention program, underage drinking class, diversion program, adult drug court and transitional housing program.

It doesn’t end there. Crossroads has a game plan for those in need of more in-depth help. Those individuals are enrolled in an extended care rehab program and placed in either Awakenings (women residential) or New Outlook (men’s residential).

Both facilities are located in Belmont and both have solid records of success.

Eighty percent of those at Awakenings and New Outlook are court ordered with the other 20 percent being there voluntarily. Ninety days is the average stay.

Awakenings opened in 1994 while New Outlook opened four years later. They provide the proper environment, support and counseling to get program participants back on the right track. In many cases, the rehab missions are life-saving in scope.

Sandra L. Nicholoff is executive director of Crossroads Counseling Services. We commend her for expertly directing a much-needed agency. Her legion of workers also deserve praise for passionate service to their clients.

Belmont County Common Pleas Judge Frank Fregiato has paid close attention to the program, aiding him in his sentencings of drug-abusers. That is noteworthy concern.

Crossroads Counseling is a proven and valuable tool in dealing with a major problem in society. Many caring and dedicated individuals have made that a reality.