Health Right

WHEELING HEALTH Right is a worthwhile organization. It delivers much-needed medical assistance to people who otherwise could not afford it. It is not off base saying Wheeling Health Right is a life-saving entity.

The organization came into existence in 1985 and was founded and continues to operate on the belief that every person is entitled to quality healthcare, regardless of financial or insurance status.

Since its inception, countless individuals have received assistance. Wheeling Health Right opens its caring arms to those with no health insurance. In the Ohio Valley, those are extremely high numbers.

Wheeling Health Right is a non-profit group. It must be creative and determined in its quest to raise money to fund its vital functions.

Belmont County commissioners stepped to the plate in big fashion this past week to aid the cause. Commissioners Matt Coffland, Ginny Favede and Mark Thomas agreed to forward $25,000 to Wheeling Health Right for Fiscal Year 2014.

The money was earmarked for the provision of health care services and mediation for low-income, uninsured residents. Wheeling Health Right provides services to more than 3,500 Belmont County residents.

Commissioner Thomas noted, “This is one of many of the tremendous organizations here in Belmont County.”

We concur.

Although the local economy is on the upswing, too many families have not felt the benefits. Thus, Wheeling Health Right is a necessary component in our society.

We tip our caps to all the good work being done by Wheeling Health Right. We also commend Belmont County commissioners for delivering the organization a much needed financial shot-in-the-arm.