Pay Raises

POLICE OFFICERS are charged with protecting and serving. It is no easy task and one that is obviously filled with danger.

The men and women in blue definitely earn their keep. Unfortunately, law enforcement personnel are frequently underpaid.

Bridgeport Village Council addressed the police pay issue recently. Council members voted to give their police officers a $1 an hour pay hike. Police Chief Andrew Klotz had requested a $2 spike for his force.

The increase came with the blessing of the finance committee and the village fiscal officer. We support the Bridgeport police getting a salary bump as the village’s finances obviously support such a move.

The move came as a surprise to some village officials, however. Mayor John Callarik said he was not informed of the finance committee’s decision.

The police raise also drew the ire of other village employees.

Councilman David Coyne is a finance committee member. He noted at last week’s council session that it was said in the financial talks that they would give the police a raise now and then look at the other entities later on. Coyne went on to say that he would not agree to one raise, if everyone else did not receive a raise.

That being the case, we urge the finance committee to resume meetings to address salary increases for its other village workers. Giving the police a raise was a positive and prudent move. Hopefully the other employees can also realize an increase.

We commend Mayor Callarik, council members and the fiscal officer for steering the village into solid economic situation. That being the case, we hope more raises are coming down the pike in?Bridgeport.