Safer Schools

SAFETY IS paramount in schools from coast-to-coast. The Martins Ferry School District is a safer place when classes opened Tuesday thanks to a generous donation.

Ferry school officials, with the assistance of Ohio Valley Health Services and Education Corp., have taken another step to enhancing the safety of its teachers, staff and students.

On Monday, OVHS&E donated buckets of supplies for classrooms in all three of the schools at the district’s complex on Ayers Limestone Road. The buckets are filled with items that may prove useful in case of an active shooter being on site. They include flashlights, first aid kits, heavy duty tape, hammers and lockdown devices to secure doors.

The buckets are one we hope remain idle and simply collect dust. Should they ever be needed for their designed purpose, that would be tragic.

The Martins Ferry school officials have been aggressive when it comes to safeguarding its personnel. Ferry faculty and staff have previously received ALICE training from the Martins Ferry Police Department

ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. Those five words are key to handling an active shooter situation.

The buckets presented Monday are earmarked for a lockdown scenario. Ayers Elementary School Principal Jim Fogle note the first priority is evacuation. The buckets are a secondary response, adding the key with ALICE is to inform and empower staff and students with options they never had before.

ALICE and the recently donated buckets are both key safety tools. We commend Martins Ferry school officials for being proactive with campus security and we also deliver kudos to the OVHS&E for helping to foster those efforts.