School Bells

Students from grade school to college will soon be heading back to class for the 2014-15 school year.

It may be hard to believe that summer break is nearing an end. With some hot August days still ahead, the calendar says summer doesn’t officially end for several weeks.

But the school year seems to kick off earlier every year nowadays.

Years ago when many of us were in school, it seemed like classes didn’t start for the new school year until sometime in September when fall weather began to settle in. In fact, many probably recall the beginning of their school year didn’t happen until after Labor Day.

Yet, signs of autumn are already upon us. Days are getting noticeably shorter and football season is nearing kickoff. Soon, evenings will be getting cooler, shadows will be growing longer and the oppressive heat will give way to cooler, more comfortable temperatures.

Students may miss the lazy days of summer when they get to go swimming, enjoy the outdoors, take vacations and sleep in late. But believe it or not, many youngsters actually look forward to this time of year. When a new school year kicks off, young people get to return to class see all of their old friends and meet new ones.

Many students look forward to meeting their new teachers, learning new things and getting back into a regular daily routine.

While roads will be teaming with school buses in the mornings and afternoons, and streets will be dotted with students on their way to and from school, we urge motorists to be on alert once again as the new school year begins.

We hope all of our local students enjoyed their summer breaks, and we wish them the best for the upcoming school year.