Choose Favede

On Nov. 8, residents of Eastern Ohio have the opportunity to elect a state representative with a record of working hard for our region.

Current Belmont County commission President Ginny Favede is seeking election to the 95th District seat in the Ohio House of Representatives. The Democrat hopes to defeat incumbent Andy Thompson, R-Marietta. The 95th District includes western Belmont, northern Washington and all of Carroll, Harrison and Noble counties.

A resident of St. Clairsville who, along with her husband, has raised two children in the Ohio Valley, Favede has long represented our area. In addition to her nearly eight years as a commissioner, she served two terms as a St. Clairsville councilwoman. She also extended her reach on behalf of local residents beyond county borders.

Favede was appointed to a national leadership position as vice chair of the Community, Economic and Workforce Development Committee of the National Association of Counties, supporting federal policies and resources that spur economic development and competitiveness at the local level. She is 2nd vice president of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio Executive Board of Directors, and she serves as chairwoman of the Belmont County Land Reutilization Corp., an organization established to reduce local blight and help increase property values. She also sits on the Belmont County Transportation Improvement District, which is overseeing a $21.4 million project to reduce traffic congestion and increase economic development in the area of the Ohio Valley Mall.

During her tenure, Belmont County — along with Marshall and Ohio counties — became the fifth-fastest growing economy in the nation due, in part, to the natural gas and oil boom. Favede favors keeping a larger share of severance tax dollars in counties where oil and gas are produced, which would benefit our region.

Favede also has pledged to work in a bipartisan manner to bring people, businesses and opportunities together in Ohio. She is considered to be a moderate who is known for ability to work with others to get things done.

As a Belmont County resident and county official, we believe Favede will focus on the needs of Belmont County residents and businesses and those of the surrounding area. We endorse Favede and encourage voters in the 95th District to cast their ballots for her in the general election.