Get out and vote

Here we are again, rapidly approaching another Election Day.

With President Donald Trump just nearing the end of his first year in the White House, there is no presidential race on the ballot. In Ohio, we won’t elect a new governor until 2018. In fact, there are no high-profile state or national races for us to consider.

So, why should people go to the polls at all on Tuesday?

Residents of Yorkville should turn out to vote because the volunteers who keep them and their property safe are in need of a new fire truck. People who live in Brookside and who like to drive on streets that are free of snow, ice and potholes should go to the polls because their village maintenance crews need a new dump truck.

Parents with children attending the Martins Ferry City School District, Union Local School District, Harrison Hills City School District and other local school systems should cast ballots to determine which individuals will serve on their boards of education for the next few years. Likewise, concerned parents in the Buckeye Local School District should head to the polls because their district is seeking additional funding for “emergency operating expenses.”

People who value local libraries should vote because two individual libraries and the entire library system in Belmont County are in need of additional money to support operations. Villages and townships across Monroe, Harrison and Belmont counties are seeking tax levies to fund maintenance of roads, cemeteries and equipment.

Municipalities and townships throughout our region also will elect council members, fiscal officers and a few mayors.

These local candidates and issues impact our lives directly on a daily basis. Taking part in the general election on Tuesday allows us to have a say in how we are governed and taxed. Don’t miss that opportunity.

Polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, but registered voters can also cast in-person absentee ballots today and Monday. For more details on when, where and how to do that, see an article on page 1 of today’s newspaper.

Remember, it is your right and your responsibility to vote. Be sure to exercise that right and make a difference in the future of your community.