Proper holiday cleanup

Christmas has come and gone, and there’s a good chance that many local families now have several bags of waste material to deal with.

All of those gifts that were distributed came with paper and plastic packaging. They were also wrapped in brightly colored paper or placed in festive boxes or gift bags.

Big holiday meals also left plenty of waste behind. From pop cans to plastic butter containers, bread bags and cans for vegetables, fruits and fillings, food and drink containers can pile up quickly.

It is always a good idea to remember that many of these materials can be recycled. This will help reduce the strain on local landfills and promote efficiency and a healthier planet. If you do not recycle on a regular basis but would like to learn how to do so, visit for instructions, tips and local recycling locations.

In addition to the recycling of standard materials, one local agency is even offering tips on how to safely recycle live pine trees. If properly tended, a live Christmas tree can last through the entire holiday season. Eventually, though, it will begin to dry out and become a potential fire hazard. The Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Environmental Group, based in those counties, provided a couple of tips on how to safely dispose of a live tree:

∫ Return them to the outdoors, where the tree poses no risk and can be enjoyed by local wildlife. Trees placed in the backyard can act as a shelter for birds and other small animals such as squirrels, opossums and chipmunks. Trees sunk into ponds or lakes can also provide habitats for fish.

∫ CCH will have several drop-off sites throughout Harrison County from today through Jan. 31 to collect trees. The sites are located behind the Department of Job and Family Services building in Cadiz, behind the fire station in Hopedale, at the Village Park on Ohio 800 in Freeport and across from Bakers Food in Scio. Trees left there will be turned into pine mulch, which is used to increase acidity in soil. For more information, visit or call the district at 330-627-7311.

We urge readers to make the most of the season, and recycling is one way to do that. Enjoy all that Santa brought you, but dispose of any waste properly.