Local man deemed hero

The death of a young man always is sad. But when it involves someone who gave his life because he was doing a good deed for strangers, the loss is especially great.

Michael Donnelly, a 38-year-old graduate of Steubenville High School, had moved to the Dallas, Texas, area. On Sunday night, he stopped his own vehicle to help a motorist in distress.

The other driver’s truck had been disabled in a hit-and-run accident. Donnelly joined another good Samaritan, Lyndsee Longoria, 26, a mother of two.

Donnelly and Longoria were attempting to push the wrecked truck off the road when another car came on the scene. Its driver swerved to avoid the truck — but hit Donnelly and Longoria.

Sadly, Donnelly died after being transported from the scene to a hospital. Longoria, though, is recovering from her injuries.

She credits Donnelly, who grabbed her and pulled her away from a direct impact, with saving her from more serious injury or even death.

“He passed saving my life,” she told Donnelly’s father, Rich.

Press reports have noted courage runs in the family. One of Michael Donnelly’s sisters has been called “a teenage inspiration” to others for the way she handled the brain tumor that took her life in 1993.

Just last year, two of his other sisters were caught in the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. Instead of fleeing, they stayed at the scene to shield others.

It is clear that the parents of the Donnelly children raised them right and taught them to be brave and help others.

Our condolences to the Donnelly family. Longoria, a fellow good Samaritan, summed up the loss well: “That man died a hero,” she said of Michael Donnelly.