Cat Killer

Dear Editor,

This is a warning to all Bellaire residents. If you love your pets, please inform everyone you know abou this message.

Our cat went missing on Oct. 12, and at least two other nieghbors cats went missing around the same time.

It was at that time, that it was discovered that there is a so-called “businessman” in Bellaire who has a very sick and strange hobby on the side. This sick person has taken it upon himself to trap raccoons and beloved family pet cats, in the village of Bellaire (for legal reasons I canot name any names).

When I asked where the racoons were taken, as I was told that there were taken to a wilderness area and released by a wildlife officer, “which I’m told by officials is illegal, and the alternative is poaching.”

The cats, people’s loving pets, are then taken to a certain small animal shelter (across state lines). where these pets are put to death immediately.

This sick person has taken it upon himself to kill your pets at his whim, because he don’t happen to like cats, he owns a dog.

If you or anyone you know has cats missing, call the Bellaire Police Deptartment and your local animal shelter and also the Department of Natural Resources.

We would like to inform everyone there is a village council meeting on Dec. 1 at 6 p.m., if you wish to give your opinion on this matter.

Please come.

Larry Diehl

Bonnie Diehl